Now that ceaseless exposure has calloused us to the lewd and the vulgar, it is instructive to see what still seems wicked to us. What still slaps the clammy flab of our submissive consciousness hard enough to get our attention?

Thomas Harris, Hannibal

You must understand that when you’re writing a novel you are not making anything up. It’s all there and you just have to find it.

Thomas Harris

There’s an idea that hell is other people. My idea is that it might be repetition.

Stephen King

Pity was not love, Barbie reflected… but if you were a child, giving clothes to someone who was naked had to be a step in the right direction.

Stephen King, Under The Dome

… no amount of after-the-fact sorrow could ever atone for joy taken in destruction, whether it was burning ants or shooting prisoners.

Stephen King, Under The Dome

God turned out to be a bunch of little kids playing Interstellar X-Box. Isn’t that funny?

Stephen King, Under The Dome

In a Spielberg movie, it’s the smart kid who’d come up with the last-minute solution, isn’t that right?

Stephen King, Under The Dome

He began with a question everybody asks when calling a cell phone. “Where are you?”

Stephen King, Under The Dome

If you don’t control your temper, your temper will control you.

Stephen King, Under The Dome

There are too many of us, he thought. There are billions of us and that’s too many. Nobody knows anyone. Strangers come and violate you. Strangers come and cut your heart out. Strangers come and take your blood. Good God, who were those men? I never saw them before in my life!

Ray Bradbury

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