I guess I’m just not a very good person. I’m not the man I wanna be.

Archie Hopper, Once Upon a Time

I didn’t realize I was in Operation Cobra.

Archie Hopper, Once Upon a time

This requires all of Operation Cobra – both of you.

Henry Mills,Once Upon a Time

You don’t play with a curse.

Henry Mills, Once Upon a Time

Good loses. Good always loses because good has to play fair. Evil doesn’t.

Henry Mills, Once Upon a Time

Great power requires great sacrifice.

Rumplestiltskin, Once Upon a Time

I don’t want my pain erased. As wretched as it is, I need my pain. It makes me who I am. It makes me Grumpy.

Grumpy, Once Upon a Time

So, this legend, it says that if you drink the water from the well, something lost will be returned to you.

August W. Booth, Once Upon a Time

They say there’s something special about this well. There’s even a legend. They say that the water from the well is fed by an underground lake, and that lake has magical properties

August W. Bust, Once Upon a Time

The truth can be painful, Emma, but it can also be cathartic.

Mary Margaret, Once Upon a Time

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