We say it’s a modern American Western – two gunslingers who ride into town, fight the bad guys, kiss the girl and ride out into the sunset again. And we were always talking from the very beginning that if you’re going to have cowboys, they need a trusty horse

Eric Kripke

I finally got Elena to a good place about being a vampire and you two idiots can’t stand that she’s happy because of me.

Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

The bond effects how you act, not how you feel.

Tyler Lockwood, The Vampire Diaries

Boy, three bedrooms, two baths, and one homicide. This place is going to sell like hotcakes.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

I’m gonna go stop the big bad wolf.. which is the weirdest thing I’ve ever said.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

If you’re gonna have faith, you can’t just have it when the miracles happen, you have to have it when they don’t.

Layla, Supernatural

I’m not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

You’re not gonna let me die in peace, are you?

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Have you ever watched daytime TV? It’s terrible.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

The only thing that makes me more nervous than a pissed-off spirit… is the pissed-off spirit of a psycho-killer.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

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