Isaac Newton was not a pleasant man.

Stephen Hawking, A Briefer History of Time

It’s obsequious little nicety-nice girls like me who allow assholes to run the world: Miss Harlot O’Harlots, billionaire phony tree huggers, hypocrite drug-snorting, weed-puffing peace activists who fund the mass-murdering drug cartels and perpetuate crushing poverty in dirt-poor banana republics. It’s my petty fear of personal rejection that allows so many true evils to exist. My cowardice enables atrocities.

Chuck Palahniuk, Damned

The charts are like a street – like a cul-de-sac within a housing estate. You have nice neighbours and horrible ones. We want to be in Number 3 next to the newsagent.

Damon Albarn

It’s important that Oasis are rude about everybody and that they get drunk. That’s what people like you want, and you encourage them. Fair enough. It’s nice, isn’t it? But it’s nothing to do with me. They came to see us in Manchester and they were very pleasant boys. Very nice. I’d like to see that as a quote. Oasis are very nice boys.

Damon Albarn

The nicest thing for me is sleep, then at least I can dream.

Marilyn Monroe

Oh, she’s nice is she? Don’t make me get sick into my own scorn. Does she play the viola, does she embroider, is she kind to the servants?

Bernard, Black Books

Hey, don’t talk like that about pigs. They’re usually much nicer than people.


It’s easy to be nice to people you like. But being nice to people you hate, that’s a skill. Do it.

James Wilson, House

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