When I die, I don’t want to go to heaven or hell. I want to stay on earth and haunt people. Turn the lights on in the kitchen when you thought you’ve turned them off. Hide under the bed and grab your leg when it dangles off while you’re sleeping. Sit in the backseat and show up in your rear-view mirror when you’re driving alone at night. Being a ghost sounds like a lot of fun!

Robert Downey Jr.

Him and his mum can come live with me at the Community Centre! I can get free food from the vending machines and I’ll steal booze from the kitchen. I’ll steal from other babies! I’ll go to the park and forage for nuts and berries!

Nathan, Misfits

Well you should put a lock on the door anyway because I was in there, I was on the toilet and everything, and little Jimmy comes in, he’s drinking milk from the fridge and that’s all wrong… it’s unhygienic. And what were you thinking, what was going through your brain when you thought “Oh yeah, I’ll buy a wicker toilet”?

Bernard, Black Books

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