I think a real cop would at least have a sense she was in the presence of the person she was hunting.

Rudy Cooper / Brian Moser, Dexter

It’s a great country, but it’s a strange culture. This has got to be the only country in the world that could ever come up with a disease like bulimia; gotta be the only country in the world where some people have no food at all, and other people eat a nourishing meal and puke it up intentionally. This is a country where tobacco kills four hundred thousand people a year, so they ban artificial sweeteners! Because a rat died! You know what I mean? This is a place where gun store owners are given a list of stolen credit cards, but not a list of criminals and maniacs! And now, they’re thinking about banning toy guns – and they’re gonna keep the fucking real ones!

George Carlin

There is no going back now, man. You were just as screwed as the rest of us. You are black AND famous. You are probably more screwed!

Nathan, Misfits

Hey! When all this has blown over, let’s go and see Les Miserables. Have you been to the zoo? It’s brilliant!

Manny, Black Books

Every single person in jail for a violent crime had a nightmare childhood.

Rob Reiner

You have… beautiful eyes.

Manny, Black Books

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