When you come from the city to the town you lie wakeful in the absence of noise at first. You wait for something to break it: the cough of shattering glass, the squeal of tires blistering against the pavement, perhaps a scream. But there is nothing but the unearthly hum of the telephone wires and so you wait and wait and then sleep badly. But when the town gets you, you sleep like the town and the town sleeps deep in its blood, like a bear.

Stephen King, Salem’s Lot

You will remember when a bird crashed through the window and fell to the floor. You will remember, those of you who were there, how it jerked its wings before dying, and left a spot of blood on the floor after it was removed. But who among you was first to notice the negative bird it left in the window? Who first saw the shadow that the bird left behind, the shadow that drew blood from any finger that dared to trace it, the shadow that was better proof of the bird’s existence than the bird ever was?

Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything is Illuminated

There was brotherhood between people who had fed from the same breast, a kinship that even time could not break.

Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

Blood is a powerful thing.

Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

I finally got Elena to a good place about being a vampire and you two idiots can’t stand that she’s happy because of me.

Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

The bond effects how you act, not how you feel.

Tyler Lockwood, The Vampire Diaries

I preferred my sister alive, rather than in small bloodless sections. Lovely, almost human of me. Now that was settled: What next?

Dexter Morgan, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

There are too many of us, he thought. There are billions of us and that’s too many. Nobody knows anyone. Strangers come and violate you. Strangers come and cut your heart out. Strangers come and take your blood. Good God, who were those men? I never saw them before in my life!

Ray Bradbury

It ain’t possible to live unless you crossin’ somebody’s line.

Lafayette, True Blood

I just think that when there’s blood involved, a line been crossed.

Lafayette. True Blood

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