Andy Fletcher

I’m not looking for absolution, forgiveness for the things I do, but before you come to any conclusions – try walking in my shoes.

Depeche Mode, Walking In My Shoes

Is this a love in disguise or just a form of modern art?

Depeche Mode, Tora! Tora! Tora!

Let me hear you make decisions without your television.

Depeche Mode, Stripped

I’ll make your heart smile.

Depeche Mode, Strangelove

I give in to sin – because you have to make this life livable.

Depeche Mode, Strangelove

Plans made in the nursery can change the course of history.

Depeche Mode, Shouldn’t Have Done That

Surgery won’t improve your pain.

Depeche Mode, Shame

Soap won’t wash away your shame.

Depeche Mode, Shame

I need to drink more than you seem to think before I’m anyone’s.

Depeche Mode, Question Of Lust

It’s easy to make the stupid mistake of letting go.

Depeche Mode, Question of Lust

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